What is The Digital Den?

The Digital Den is a website that has been created as a 'one-stop shop' to equip primary schools teachers with a range of ideas, resources and tools necessary to successfully develop confident and competent digital learners.

Who is The Digital Den aimed at?

It is aimed at primary school teachers from nursery to year 6.

What will I find inside The Digital Den?

At launch (October 2018), The Digital Den will contain access to the fully revised Computing in the Cloud skills development programme which can be used as a whole school programme of work. It is also possible to search the Digital Competence Framework (Wales) statements in order to find supporting activities / resources.

How will The Digital Den help teachers?

In many ways! Firstly, the Computing in the Cloud resource will provide teachers with a structured approach to the introduction of suitable digital skills with their pupils. As well as ideas for teaching, there are also links to relevant external websites and resources to support the activities. There is also an extensive library of video help guides for teachers, demonstrating how to use a particular application to support the teaching of the skill. In some activities, teachers are also able to download ready made examples which can be used in class.

How often will The Digital Den be updated?

Regularly. With regards to Computing in the Cloud, whenever new and relevant external resources are found, these will be updated into the appropriate section of the resource. The help videos will also be updated to reflect any major change to the way a particular application is used. New downloadable resources will also be created and uploaded to the site at regular intervals. The Digital Den itself will also be updated. New teacher support tools are already in development!

How will I know about any changes?

Subscribing schools will receive regular updates informing them of any additions or changes.