The Digital Den has been created as a 'one-stop shop' to equip primary schools teachers with a range of resources and tools necessary to successfully develop confident and competent digital learners.

The primary tool within The Digital Den is the very successful Computing in the Cloud skills development programme. Here, teachers are provided with a range of suitable and progressive digital and 'unplugged' activities for their pupils. Many of these are focused on maximising the use of cloud based technologies such as G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365, along with more primary school 'friendly' web based platforms like Just2easy and 2Simple's Purple Mash. Where appropriate, especially when supporting pupil creativity, suitable tablet based applications are referred to, such as Appleā€™s iMovie and Garageband. For schools in Wales, full reference is made to the Digital Competence Framework.

The comprehensive Computing in the Cloud resource encompasses the following areas:

As well as a range of suitable class activities, teachers will also find up to date and relevant links to external websites and downloadable digital resources to support pupil activities. There are 160+ video help guides demonstrating in detail how to carry out many of the activities mentioned.

The Digital Den will be a constantly evolving platform, with the aim of supporting schools in many aspects of its use of technology across the school. As digital technologies and curriculum expectations change, the site will be continuously revised in order to remain up to date. Exciting new features are planned!